Quiet walks to take in and around Whitegate

Quiet walks to take in and around Whitegate

A brisk walk a day is a fantastic way to get out, keep fit and enjoy the local area. With that in mind, you’ll be happy to know that Riverside Park is ideally located near to all of these wonderful walking routes. So, if you enjoy a good hike, then Riverside is the ideal place to settle down for retirement. Here are a few of our favourite quiet walks for you to enjoy.

The River Weaver

Why travel far when you have such a scenic space right on your doorstep? As a resident of our Riverside park site, you will be able to take as many walks along the River Weaver as you please, taking in the riverbanks and wildlife at a leisurely pace.

As an added treat, head south towards the Red Lion in Winsford (about a 25 minute walk). Here, you will be able to enjoy great food and drink, music and riverside views. This place is also dog friendly, so if you have a pooch in tow, they’ll be able to join in on the fun.

Delamere Forest

This gorgeous forest gives you a choice of 3 planned walking routes that are perfect for all abilities. Delamere would be a fantastic place to take the grandkids to, as it is nice and spacious with plenty of play areas for them to enjoy.

The Forestry Commission manages the 1,098.3 hectare grounds and ensures that the forest is cared for and preserved, whilst also providing educational and commercial services to improve the overall experience. You could spend hours here enjoying the scenery and taking in the fresh forest air.

The Whitegate Way

The Whitegate Way is a lovely, tranquil trail that leads you through various camping sites and old cottage homes. It gives you absolutely stunning views of the countryside. Better yet, it allows you to visit the community-run café, Station House.

This small eatery has a number of volunteer staff and the homely atmosphere it gives off is just wonderful. Stop by for a coffee or sandwich during your walk and see the cosy setup for yourself. You can also bring your pet!

The Vale Royal Locks

If you love a bit of history, then the Vale Royal Locks walk is for you. It is a fully functional lock, which has been in regular use since the 17th century. You will likely catch a glimpse of the lockkeepers at work on an afternoon stroll. However, the old locks are just one part of the attraction in this stunning area.

The whole area is very well maintained, giving you the chance to enjoy a tranquil atmosphere with stunning views. What’s more, the local wildlife is abundant, so you are likely to encounter many birds, small critters and even fish if they come to the surface.

Would you like to try any of these quiet walks?

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