The best fishing spots in Cheshire

The best fishing spots in Cheshire

Due to its convenient location alongside the River Weaver, you have fantastic fishing opportunities right on your doorstep at Riverside Park! However, for the sake of variety, here are our top picks for the best fishing spots in Cheshire.

Flushing Meadows Fishery

This fantastic fishery is just past the Acton Bridge railway station. It has a grand total of 5 fishing pools to choose from, with pool 2 being strictly for wheelchair users and blue badge holders. Each pool is stocked with different varieties of fish, and since you can’t switch pools throughout the day, you’ll have to take multiple visits to experience them all.

Day tickets are available from £8 per rod (£6 for juniors) and evening tickets are only £4. Please read the fishery rules before your visit as you can be refused entry otherwise. However, it’s well worth the rule book considering how well-kept and high-quality this area is!

Plex Flash

Plex Flash is a classic fishery down in Sandbach. The lake spans over 2 acres and you can look forward to a variety of mid to large fish, including catfish, carp, tench and roach.

Apparently, the lake has seen its fair share of big catches – one angler is said to have caught a 27lb Carp! However, the lake’s biggest catch was a 45lb catfish. So, if small catches don’t interest you, then Plex Flash will!

The Old Hough Coarse Fishery

With 10 pools and over 200 pegs, The Old Hough is ideal for meeting other anglers and enjoying the beautifully landscaped grounds. Each pool has its own selection of fish to give you plenty of variety and weights vary drastically depending on the pool.

The Old Hough is perfect for anglers new and old, casual and competitive, and the area has been designed to be suitable for wheelchair users, too. Ample parking spaces mean that you’ll always find a spot and the prices are very reasonable. If you’d like to take advantage of this incredible fishing spot, please do read the rules before you head off since you may be refused entry or kicked out.

Fields Farm Fisheries

As the name may suggest, Fields Farm Fisheries are on site of a farm in the beautiful Congleton countryside. There are 4 pools to choose from with a wide selection of fish. What’s more, this scenic fishing spot is incredibly family friendly, so if you have any junior anglers under your wing, then Fields Farm is the place to go.

The prices are good (although you don’t get much of a discount for juniors) and the secluded location means you’ll have some gorgeous views to look forward to. Before you head off, take a look at the venue’s rules – they’re a bit different to regular fishing spot rules due to the local farmland.

Eyres Pit

Eyres Pit could be your local pool at our lovely Riverside Park. It’s fabulous for the pleasure angler, and is quite small in comparison to the others on this list. Even better – senior citizen members can fish after dusk! So, if you just want some peace and quiet, then this is the fishing spot for you.

However, do be aware that there are a lot of rules for this place. Please read them carefully if you’d like to fish here. Besides that, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere!

Brookside Fisheries

This fishery has 9 pools to choose from, all of which have different fish, are open on different days, and even 2 that are available for night fishing. Prices are very reasonable for just how busy this fishing spot is and you even receive a discounted rate if you are a senior!

Brookside is open all year round and it also has an on-site café for you to make use of during your visit. Rules for this fishery vary per pool, so do have a read through before you head off. We’re sure that this fishery’s relaxed, friendly atmosphere will have you coming back time and time again.

Will you be making use of these fishing spots?

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