Staying active after retirement

Staying active after retirement

As John Mason Good once said, “Happiness consists in activity”. Therefore, staying active is the key to eternal happiness, right? Perhaps not, but we think he was onto something. Here are our tips for staying active after retirement.

Go for walks

As dreary as a walk may sound depending on the good old British weather, walking is one of the best low-intensity exercises you can partake in. You can do it alone or in a group, for leisure or for sport, and you set your own comfortable pace. What’s more, going for walks allows you to explore more of your local community. You might even find a new ‘regular’ place to visit on your travels.

Join a group

If you have any special interests, then why not join a group tailored to that? You could open so many new doors for yourself and you’ll always have something to look forward to. Look around and see if there are any interesting classes or workshops available near you.

Alternatively, you could check out the local community centre and see if they’re hosting anything you might be interested in. Who knows, you might make some lifelong friends and learn new skills along the way!

Do yoga

Yoga is the ultimate exercise for when you get older. It helps to improve your flexibility and strength, reduce your stress levels and boost your overall mood, but is gentle on the joints. This makes it ideal for those who might be feeling a little stiff or sore due to conditions such as arthritis. Better yet, yoga classes tend to be fairly large, so you might just find a new friend as a result.


Since you’ve retired, volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and get back a little bit of the work routine (if you miss it). You can pick the days and times that suit you and you don’t have to do any more than what you put down for. What’s more, volunteering allows you to have a chat with all the members of the local community who shop there, so it’s a great way to socialise.

Go swimming

Swimming is another fantastic exercise if you have joint pain. The majority of your weight is suspended on the water, so you’ll feel much lighter than usual and your joints will be able to relax. Swimming is also something that doesn’t really need company, so if you prefer to have your alone time, then swimming solo could be the perfect afternoon treat.

What did you think of our tips on staying active after retirement?

We hope these ideas gave you some inspiration on keeping fit and healthy way into your golden years. After all, retirement should be an enjoyable time for you – you’ve earned it! However, if you don’t think you’d be able to do these things where you live right now, then maybe you’d be more inclined in one of our luxury park homes at Riverside Park.

Riverside Park sits on the edge of the stunning River Weaver, which is the ideal location to take a calming stroll or brisk walk along. It is also within easy walking distance of a lovely community-run café, an Age UK, and Brightlife, which is a fantastic lottery-funded project which aims to tackle loneliness and isolation in the 50+ community. You’ll feel right at home at Riverside Park.

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