5 fantastic golf courses in Cheshire

5 fantastic golf courses in Cheshire

Do you or your partner enjoy a bit of golf? Then you’ve scored a hole in one with our Riverside park homes! They sit on the edge of the River Weaver, giving you unbridled access to all of these amazing golf courses. Here are some of the best golf courses in Cheshire for you to enjoy.

Delamere Forest Golf Club

What could be better than enjoying a game of golf amidst the stunning backdrop of Delamere Forest? Well, at Delamere Forest Golf Club, you can enjoy a challenging course with fantastic views all rolled into one.

The terrain of the overall course is quite rugged, which adds to the difficulty of the course. However, this also makes it more difficult to walk across, so do take this into consideration if you have trouble walking for long periods of time. Aside from that, it’s a fabulous course that is well worth a visit.

Sandiway Golf Club

This tree-lined golf course is sure to impress even the most seasoned golfer. The club keeps the course perfectly maintained and the traditional golfing rules are highly upheld, making this golf club quite prestigious.

Inside, there is a fine Clubhouse where you can purchase a drink and sit in luxurious comfort. You can also buy a selection of snacks, sandwiches and small meals if you’ve worked up an appetite during your game.

Vale Royal Abbey Golf Club

The Vale Royal Abbey Golf Club is one of the best golf clubs in the North West. It welcomes both members and non-members at their stunning grounds, and players of all skill levels are sure to find it enjoyable yet challenging.

They have a Clubhouse on site, set within the 16th century Royal Abbey building, where you can purchase a refreshing drink or light meal after your game. To add to the fun, there are also weekly competitions on Saturdays where you can test your golfing skills against other members.

Hartford Golf Club

Hartford Golf Club is a friendly, laid back venue where you can have a chilled-out game of golf in beautiful surroundings. You don’t need a membership to play here, and the venue is incredibly family-friendly, welcoming players of all ages and abilities.

This golf course is also a little different from the rest; as opposed to the standard 18 holes, this course only has 9. Therefore, to play a full 18-hole game, you need to play each hole twice. This may be annoying to some, but the site’s pleasant atmosphere and inclusive outlook make up for this in our opinion.

Portal Championship Golf Course

This course is fabulous for beginners. It mainly consists of wide, open plains and holes that aren’t too difficult to putt. It is also on the site of a spa/hotel, so you could even make this part of an indulgent weekend break.

Social events are also a regular occurrence with the members of this golf club, so you’ll have plenty to take advantage of as a regular.

The best golf courses within easy reach of Riverside Park

If you’re planning for retirement and looking for somewhere to settle down, Riverside Park seems the ideal place for golf lovers. Take a look at our stunning new park homes to see their striking designs for yourself.

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