A new name for our exclusive riverside park

A new name for our exclusive riverside park

Olympic Park Homes acquired Meadow Home Park in Cheshire in 2015. The main reason of choosing to acquire this park above many others that were available was its unique location.

It is a residential park like no other.

Nestled along the bank of the River Weaver, each home takes advantage of its own exclusive view of the River and surrounding countryside.

It was our aim back in 2015 to enhance the natural beauty of the park further still and we are currently taking giant steps in transforming the park to one of the most sought after residential park home locations in the UK.

As part of a new development, the park will benefit from a new more attractive entrance and electric gates along with new lighting and significant upgrades to its current services infrastructure. Considerable investment has also been made to create eight new plots on a newly formed second tier. The new plots will have unrivalled elevated views of the River Weaver, to enhance the current views of our existing homes we removed the larger trees at the river’s edge and replaced them with smaller ornamental varieties.

To enhance wildlife activity we constructed and added four floating bird rafts which we hope can be used as future nesting sites for the local waterfowl. Areas of the park will soon be turned in to wildflower meadows, bird boxes and bat boxes will be erected to attract local wildlife.

On completion of the development we will apply for the David Bellamy Conservation award to reflect our commitment to enhancing the environment and habitat not only of our residents but also the glorious nature that surrounds them all.

All of these initiatives have been inspired by the fundamental location of our park and its proximity to the River Weaver.

As the park evolves so should the park name so, as of June 1st 2018, we have made the decision to change the name “Meadow Home Park” to “Riverside Park”.

The riverside location of the park is the parks overriding characteristic and we feel this name is a clearer reflection of the park’s unique qualities, location and charm.

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