£10,000 cashback when you buy a new park home

£10,000 cashback when you buy a new park home

For a limited time, we’re offering £10,000 cashback on the purchase of all new park homes at Riverside Park. Just imagine what you could do with all that!

You could go travelling

£10,000 could afford you your dream holiday in the sun, a fantastic cruise, or a multi-country excursion to discover new places. And with so much extra cash, you’ll have plenty left over to do with as you please.

You could buy a new car

With a £10,000 down payment, you could massively upgrade your vehicle. Splash out on that Mercedes you’ve had your eye on or invest in an extravagant Range Rover – the sky’s the limit!

You could pay off outstanding debt

Although it doesn’t sound as fun as splashing out, £10,000 could help you to pay off any debt you may have so that you can enjoy life debt-free. After that, you can spend as you please. We think that’s pretty exciting.

You could invest in yourself

You could spend it on making yourself look and feel fabulous. Go on a shopping spree, have some spa treatments, or stock up on the latest lotions and potions. Alternatively, you could invest in your mind and learn a new hobby, or start a course to help you leap into a new career path.

You could pass it on

If you’re feeling altruistic, £10,000 would make a nice inheritance fund for any children you may have. You could also use some of it to prepare a will and make sure all of your affairs are in order.

You could buy a pedigree companion

At Riverside Park, we allow pets. And when you have a little extra budget, why not go for a purebred? There’s a certain luxury in owning a thoroughbred animal that you simply can’t recreate with a mongrel (sorry).

You could invest in stocks

Feeling adventurous? Try your hand at stocks and see if you can’t double your money. And even if you lose out, it’s money you wouldn’t have had in the first place, so no harm no foul.

Take advantage of our cashback offer

As we mentioned, our £10,000 cashback offer is only available for a limited time; reserve by July 31st and complete October 31st to take advantage.

Have a look at our stunning new park homes and see if they can tempt you! Each one gives you unbeatable views of the pretty River Weaver, and each comes fully furnished with designer fixtures and fittings.

Call us on 0800 772 0011 to discuss this offer further, or send us an email at [email protected].

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